Please stop doing the random forum topics

G'day everyone.

Could those who are putting in random forum topics (such as home remidies, car insurance ect) please stop putting them in? DMT is a Star Wars The old republic guild, and our forums are for game items, and helping other players out.

Apologies for those who have no clue what im on about, but for those who do, please stop it




To arm up your alt's with the good mod's 1st buy a 'Binds To Legacy' suit of armor from the fleet vendors..Either the one in the supplies section or the Lightside Vendor will fix you up.

Then fit it out with all your spare Armorings. Mod's & Enhancements & it will go into your Legacy stronghold storage..

So if you're tier 4 and you keep getting command crates full of armor you already have...Unmod' it & put the mod's in your legacy armor & transfer it through the stronghold storage to the rest of your legacy..



Happy Fathers Day(sorry for being late)

Hey I am Mathew I wanna say happy fathers day to all of you fathers I know this is late I was out with my dad spending time with him and he had to go to work and I then was spending the rest of the day with my son and I wish all yall a happy fathers day again sorry im a day late.

Ways to get promoted

How to get promoted in general for every rank, is do these simple things, and you are sure to get noticed by Myself, or Ucragnian. 

Help others out, 

Contribute to the guild bank

Recruit others,

Doing group missions.

Do these things, and you are sure to get promoted


DMT on the Harbringer

Dead Man's Treasure is now on the Harbringer server. If you have any toons over there, give Nekziq a yell... cheers