Blizz's Cleaning Tips


If you live in da desert, you need a vaccum cleaner...You bee there all day with a broom and Tattooine days loooong days...Many longs in a Tattooine day.

You can buy 1 from me or use your astromech droid...The hose is in da compartment in da back, and you empty dat dustbag in space...You give'm

old dusty cloud and escape those big grey shooty, triangle win win there.

And you be stayin' away from all those cleaning products made with Gungan...Their species being endangered now....Getting all ground up to make soaps and perfume..

Who wanna smell like a Gungan anyway...and the 1s made from Sarlac Stomach Acid work big time better allover.

For stubborn stains not comming out...Use sand...I got lots , can sell you some...Just bring box....

If stains still not come out, hit it with a rock till big hole there and no stains.


Crafting Crap


A lot of new stuff came with the 5.0 patch and we're all going broke trying to get our skills up and reverse engineering...Keep it up guys.

WE DESPERATLY NEED A GUILD CYBERTECH...They make mod's & enhancements, not to mention grenades and freeze bombs.



220 Rated Gear & Weapons

G'day Guildies...

We're getting some of our Guild Crafters turning out some 220 rated gear & weapons, so for level 65's...collect materials & pass those on to them.

  • Lightfluttershy Makes:
    • 220 assault canons
  • Ucragnian:
    • Makes 220 lightsabers
  • Ulysis Cragg Makes:
    • 220 Chestpieces
    • 220 Leggings
    • 220 Gloves
    • 220 Belts
    • 220 Boots
    • 220 Relics
    • All level augmentation kits
  • DanikaVasMakes:
    • Advanced Polybiotic Med' Units (purple quality)

The most expensive components for:

220 rated gear

  Exotic isotope stabilizer Stratic resource matrix
Armor pieces 10 required 3 required
Lightsaber 10 required 3 required
Canon 8 required 2 required
Relic 10 required

3 required

Augmentation Kits

  Augmentation slot component [relative to the required MK] Vandinite Given hypercalculator
Augmentation Kit [all MKs] 10 required 3 required 3 required


The rest is made up of 'assembly components' which are usually pretty cheap to make.


Upgrade complete

The website has updated to drupal 7.52 without any pain. Plus I've installed the backup and migrate module, so I'll be able to create backups regularly.