From Chelsea About Node An WARNING ALSO READ IT ALL

Node An is one of those groups full of yobbos that kicked us out due to profanity a year ago and what word was said it was literally the word crap now I go and get out of bed due to the fact I can not sleep and wanting to talk to Craig of course and saw I had mail and it said void an started alot of drama with a member of our guild and he left because well Mathew did have an arguement when a Void member said don't use anybad words on fleet general chat while he was talking with other people and he got pissed and then started to rant about Void An after finding out the person saying he cant use any profanity while having a chat with people in general chat and Void started a hole war in chat against every bloke there basically about profanity now they target members of us and I think its pretty low to target members and harrass them Hell when I went on and saw the email I was pissed so I go and say Hey why do you blokes have to target only one member of the guild who had no part in anyof it if anything target the people involved or target the guild in general calling us out not just random guild members and well then they start just yelling at me like you are a bad person you use profanity you support it basically and saying I would never be good around kids and they obviously do not know I have my very own ankle biter but thats not the point its more of a WARNING AROUND NODE AN MEMBERS STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY WILL ONLY CAUSE TROUBLE I am sorry that this happend and tbh they started it so I mean get ready if you get on and get spammed by node an just be the bigger bloke and actually not leave the guild and just point out how stupid they are to think we give a fuck ok thank you.